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6 Steps to Successfully Adopting a Conversational AI Chatbot Platform

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on 6 tips for successful adoption of Conversational AI in Business
Conversational AI In Business

Conversational AI chatbots are clearly a rapidly emerging force across multiple industries. Artificial intelligence is becoming the center of attraction at events where business leaders from various industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and others discuss the potential of this technology.

Traditional chatbots are being replaced by AI-powered virtual assistants to provide personalized automated assistance for both customers and internal teams. So yes, we are living in the times of AI!

This AI transformation is making all existing technologies more advanced and unchaining the true power of enterprise-level data collection and utilization.

What does it mean?!

It means that you can now have technologies such as machine learning (ML), deep learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation (RPA) to construct a multi-layered AI-enabled environment for business automation.

For organizations, conversational AI chatbots are manifesting practical applications by leveraging business insights on a new level of excellence. Companies can deploy a single AI chatbot to drive engagement, extract lead data, optimize order management, and more with seamless integration across digital channels, CRMs, and ERPs. Hence, not only conversational AI is improving customer communications but driving efficiency in the areas of managing and tracking assets.

To strengthen your business with the power of a conversational AI platform, here are some steps to ensure a successful implementation:

1. Get yourself familiar with conversational AI chatbots

Invest some time in getting a better understanding of the capabilities of modern AI bots. There is a wide range of resources available such as articles, blogs, and webinars to get a basic knowledge of how conversational AI is different than regular chatbots.

For a deeper understanding, ORAI can provide a session with AI experts and also give a Demo of our conversational AI chatbot platform.

2. Identify business challenges you wish to solve with conversational AI

After getting to know the basics of conversational AI, any business leader should start exploring the scope of solutions. Closely assess the business problems you face in the areas of marketing, sales, support, and process efficiency. You must try to derive use cases of conversational AI by looking at the existing business problems.

Some of the business challenges may be:

  • Not able to manage the large volume of customer queries coming in.

  • Customers not happy with the generic chatbot you currently have.

  • Difficulty in finding and qualifying leads across multiple channels.

  • Unable to remember customers and interactions when they switch from one channel to another.

  • Language barriers between your human agents and customers.

  • No presence on channels that customers prefer (like WhatsApp).

And more!

3. Bring in AI chatbot experts for the ease of implementation

When you have all the use cases identified as per your organizational needs, then you can think about the implementation. Get AI chatbot experts involved in the process and discuss all your objectives. They will enhance your knowledge about conversational AI with in-depth insights.

ORAI is not just a conversational AI platform provider but an AI partner. We assist businesses with the implementation of conversational AI at scale. Our expert team provides ongoing assistance to your internal teams, so they can maximize the use of AI and attain the desired objectives.

If you have questions regarding AI implementation, let’s have a chat over WhatsApp.

4. Integrate AI with all targeted conversational channels

Today, businesses and customers connect on multiple channels from websites and apps, to social media and messaging platforms. So, you need to ensure that an AI chatbot remembers your customers across every channel you target. This is called the omnichannel integration of conversational AI.

By integrating all your conversational channels with a single virtual assistant, you can synchronize your marketing, sales support, customer support, and lead generation activities.

ORAI's infographic on actions and interaction channels with conversational AI
AI Integration With Conversational Channels

5. Integrate AI with all technology systems you use

An omnichannel AI bot can benefit your business only if it is also seamlessly integrated with your technology systems and databases.

Proper technology integrations will help you automate various processes such as:

  • Collecting data and insights related to customers.

  • Categorizing leads and queries into a prioritized sequence.

  • Updating, removing, or adding, information in your databases.

  • Enabling instant retrieval of required information for your employees.

  • Automating various business functions.

Depending on your business model, you can choose relevant technology systems to integrate with a conversational AI platform.

ORAI's infographic on actions and technology system with Conversational AI
AI integration with technology systems

6. Use AI-enabled data and insights into your business strategies

Once you integrate all your conversational channels and technology systems with a single AI platform, it will sort out all the current inconsistencies in your data. The quality of insights will become richer and more accurate, which you can use to upgrade business operations, customer engagement, marketing, and sales approach.

Ensure your conversational AI success with ORAI!

No matter which industry you stand in or what the scale of your business is- ORAI can help you successfully adopt conversational AI.

Our experts will collaborate with your internal team and take care of all implementation-related activities. We can help you set up your Omnichannel Conversational AI Presence along with a Verified WhatsApp Business Account.

Let’s connect over chat, or register for a FREE DEMO.

Swapnil Jain CEO-ORAI Robotics LinkedIn , Twitter, Instagram Stay in contact with ORAI LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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