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6 Revolutionary Advantages of Conversational AI In Digital Marketing

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Revolutionary Advantages of Conversational AI In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is transforming - Organic reach across social media and search engines are going down, while more people are using voice searches and messaging platforms every day. Technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and AI have emerged to drive this change.

Digital marketing in 2021 is moving towards Conversational AI that combines all technologies for conversational marketing. So as a digital marketing agency, your business needs to figure out how these emerging technologies can help you and your clients thrive in the coming future.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about conversational AI in digital marketing and how you can use it for conversational marketing.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI includes a combination of technologies (such as AI, NLP, ML, and NLU) that offer the interaction ability between a human and a computer. Such conversations can happen via text, voice, touch, or gestures as well.

Conversational AI uses NLP and NLU technologies to identify and understand the intent of a user. It can understand multiple languages and give appropriate responses to offer a human-like conversational experience.

How Conversational AI Has Transformed Digital Marketing?

Here are 6 ways Conversational AI has introduced digital marketing to conversational marketing:

1. Engaging Audiences

Audiences have transformed in the way they use and interact with businesses online. You shouldn’t think that they would submit static forms and wait for your reply. Audiences nowadays want instant gratification whether they connect via a website, social network, or messaging platform.

With a conversational AI platform, you can expect better engagement, capture leads faster, and nurture them in real-time. Every ad, post, or landing page can become conversational where an intelligent chatbot can be there to answer questions instantly, qualify leads, and offer great deals to get audiences hooked.

2. Social Media ROI

These days, brands are running conversational marketing campaigns on social media platforms with the help of AI-powered chatbots. Conversational ads have become highly popular on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Facebook now offers Click-to-WhatsApp ads that allow instant communication with potential customers over WhatsApp. And, WhatsApp allows you to automate those conversations by allowing chatbot integration to its Business API.

This way, customers receive satisfactory responses right there on their favourite networking platforms.

3. Finding and Retaining Customers

Conversational AI has been a valuable addition to finding and retaining customers with omnichannel marketing. An artificial intelligence chatbot collects user insights to understand their behaviour and preferences. This allows you to run digital marketing campaigns with highly targeted messages aligned with the needs of prospective and existing customers.

At the same time, AI-powered virtual assistants also ask questions and give answers to improve the satisfaction of every conversation. Hence, businesses get to gain and retain more customers.

4. Hyper-Automation with Hyper-Personalization

Many studies have backed the concept of building strong relationships with customers for long-term brand loyalty. And there’s no better way to build an emotional attachment than conversing with customers.

Conversational AI allows hyper-personalized conversations at any scale with hyper-automation. While conversing automatically, it doesn’t sound like a machine but gives a human-like conversational experience to users.

5. Intelligent Intent Analysis

Understanding the intent of your target audience is the only currency that works in digital marketing. A conversational AI bot gives a broader perspective to your intent analysis with its omnichannel presence. It listens to each and every user across all digital channels to create a more in-depth persona of customers.

This intent analysis can help you approach audiences with everything they want. You can understand brand perception, customer demands, and accordingly work on online reputation management.

6. Improved Lead Generation

With predictive intelligence, conversational AI can identify key insights and useful patterns to engage a potential lead. It can also qualify those leads in real-time and categorize them on the basis of quality for marketing teams to follow-up accordingly.

This allows a business to capture and qualify thousands of leads 24*7 from all channels.

The gathered lead quality data helps marketers to decide on how to approach prospects and which platforms are working best for lead generation.

What do we know about conversational AI?

Now we know that conversational AI can empower every aspect of digital marketing with its ability to automate and personalize audience engagement.

If you wish to see it with your own eyes, feel free to schedule a FREE DEMO with us. Or, click here to talk more about conversational AI!

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CEO-ORAI Robotics


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