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5 Live Chat Support Tips For Higher Customer Satisfaction

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Orai's blog on AI bot & live chat experience
AI Bot & Live chat Experience

When you want to impress your customers with instant and useful support, live chat comes to mind. It’s of utmost importance that you have the right set of people and technologies to incorporate in the live chat best practices.

To help you do that, we have 5 live chat support tips to share:

1. Offer Clear Communication

In live chat support, customers can’t see your face or hear your voice. They understand you through the words and sentences you use. So, it becomes imperative to communicate clearly with:

  • Short sentences: Break your sentences into smaller ones while explaining anything complicated. Ask for a single piece of information at a time and format your content in easy-to-consume paragraphs.

  • Proactive communication: Be proactive in your communication to help users figure out your next action or steps. It will keep your interaction transparent and customers will feel engaged throughout a chat.

  • Emojis: Communicating emotions through a chat is possible to an extent with emojis or emoticons. But you have to be very careful as too many emojis can make a chat sound too casual. Aim for a slightly informal tone than your telephonic calls.

  • Affirmation: Always repeat and affirm the issue instead of assuming. An incorrect response can make that customer go away.

Apart from that, you should avoid any sarcastic statements or jokes. Humor can easily be misunderstood and make your customers mad or frustrated. So, the best thing to do here is to avoid them in your interactions.

2. Choose the Right Channels for Live Chat Support

Along with the knowledge of how to chat with customers online, you should also know where to chat with them.

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is without a doubt the most powerful platform to use for live chat support. It has more than 2 billion people actively chatting every month. So, you get a vast market that brings you closest to your users. Moreover, it’s easy to use for customers and offers automation features for businesses with WhatsApp APIs. Plus, you can integrate it with your website, social media pages, and digital ads as well.

  • Facebook Messenger: This is the second most used messaging platform across the globe after WhatsApp. Messenger has to be in your live chat support strategy to engage users via Facebook and Instagram.

  • Website/App: You need to provide instant response on your website or app as well. Unresponsive landing pages are not enough for customers who come with specific questions and expect instant answers.

  • Channel connectivity: It would be wise to connect all your live support channels with each other to offer an omnichannel customer experience online. Customers shouldn’t have to explain themselves over and over when they switch from one chat platform to another.

3. Supplement Live Chat with Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot or Messenger bot can do most of the heavy lifting of customer support. That way, your live support team can give more attention to complex or unique requests. An AI chatbot for business can help you improve live support with these benefits:

  • Multilingual AI chatbots: You can have a chatbot with multilingual capability. A single bot can communicate with all different-language-speaking customers.

  • Intent analysis: A conversational AI can analyze user intent in real-time with ML and NLP technologies. Using these insights, the bot can provide relevant responses and perform tasks faster for your customers.

  • Information collection: Conversational AI offers an interactive way of collecting customer information. Bots use the collected information to improve customer experience in future. They can recommend better products/services, qualify leads, send proactive reminders, and do much more.

  • Omnichannel support: New AI chatbots for business provide omnichannel experience. You can connect multiple channels with a single bot and it remembers users across all those platforms. Hence, customers receive a seamless experience regardless of which channel they pick to connect with your brand.

  • Instant replies: A chatbot can add value to your quick reply objective for live chat. It stays available 24*7, so human agents don’t have to be there all the time. Moreover, a bot can instantly handover a chat to human agents in case of complex requests. Thus, all customers receive instant replies to their queries with effective solutions.

4. Personalize Interactions for Every Customer

With an AI-powered chatbot there for a chat, you can personalize conversations with every customer:

  • Greetings: Like a human agent, an AI bot also shares its name and greets customers with their names. This initiates a personalized conversation between a bot and a customer, which can be handed over to a human agent later. It is important to let a customer know when a conversation gets transferred from a bot to a human. Thus, a human agent should always give an introduction whenever taking over a chat.

  • Speech pattern: Using AI and ML, you can train a chatbot to identify and mimic the speech pattern of customers for stronger conversational bonding. This also includes the ability to speak in their native language.

  • Empathy: With emotional intelligence, a virtual assistant can detect the problems and acknowledge them with an appropriate response. An empathetic conversational style helps to make a customer feel calm and valued.

5. Add Value to Your Marketing and Sales

AI-enabled live chat support can also boost your marketing and sales efforts through conversational engagement.

  • Conversational ads: AI-enabled live chat can boost your marketing efforts as well. You can run conversational ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, connecting every ad to your WhatsApp chatbot. This way, your bot stays there day and night to engage, qualify and convert every lead for your business.

  • CRM integration: Synched to your CRM, a bot can collect, maintain and use customer data on its own. Both the bot and your support team can use this data to deliver a comprehensive experience to potential customers.

  • Drip campaigns: AI-enabled drip campaigns on WhatsApp can help you nurture leads through marketing, remarketing, and sales funnels.

In Conclusion

With these live chat support tips, now you know how to improve chat customer service. Train your human agents and empower them with a smart artificial intelligence chatbot to boost customer satisfaction.

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Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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